Friday, 14 August 2015

Edfest Day 9 : Grand Gestures and The Worst Show on the Fringe?

You know how yesterday I saw the best show on the fringe? Well today I'm certain I found the worst. 

It all started off so well. I was just congratulating myself for my consistently good choices when it all started going very wrong. The run started late yesterday afternoon and culminated today in one of the worst shows I've ever seen. EVER. And I've seen some bad shows. 

I'm not going to say what it is, but lets just say I'm never picking a show based on the fact it has "broadway" in the title again. 

I could forgive the absolutely atrocious story-telling, plot and acting if the lady could actually sing... it wasn't the worst singing I've ever heard (Hi Mum, if you're still out there) but it was definitely the wrong side of average. I'm squirming at the memory. 

I would have cut my losses and left, I really would ... but the room was tiny and there were barely any people there as it was. I'm so glad I wasn't reviewing this officially, because I'd probably have to reject submitting it due to the fact I have nothing - literally NOTHING - good to say. Zero stars. To make it even more painful... it's a show that's all about following your dreams and last chances....

Oh, the awkwardness. 

This spate of bad shows also coincides with a certain venue that I won't name, but let's just say that I'll be avoiding wide open... areas... for a while. 

I did see one good show today called "The Solid Life of Sugar Water" which gives centre stage to people with disabilities, without making it the main feature. This was about a couple dealing with a late stage miscarriage. I was attracted to this show by the very impressive list of creatives working on it. 

One last moan. Gesturing in crowds!! come on people, have some spacial awareness. I've been almost punched a few times. Today I was punched in the boob due to a lady's excessive gesturing. It's crowded and fast walkers like me are trying to whizz through gaps in between you snail pace types. I know it's all so exciting but can we leave the gesturing at home? ...... Hmm. On second thoughts maybe they're actually trying to punch me. 

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