Thursday, 13 August 2015

Edfest day 8: What's Hot Wednesday

Hi, and welcome to "What's Hot Wednesday" a brand new feature, which may not be a feature when my show attendance drops coz I start work.... Yaaaaay 

** the crowd goes wild... And by "crowd" I mean the handful of people who read this... And by "wild" I mean a half-arsed awkward applause out of politeness. One person at the back whoops. I squint into the darkness... It's Mum........ Hi Mum, thanks for coming ** 

Also, technically, it's no longer Wednesday, but What's Hot Thursday just doesn't work for me.
Why Wednesday? Because it's what the official fringe publications do, and if you can't beat them (I can't), join them.

So far I have seen, a quite frankly meagre, 23 shows. Out of these, I'm going to pick my top 5, in carefully considered order. And by "carefully considered order" I mean I quickly looked over my show log before writing this..... 
Yes, I've been keeping a show log. Stop sniggering. And yes, I did just colour code it using a traffic light system, with sharpies. Take that, people still out drinking on the mile with friends... I have a log book. And sharpies. And I'm colouring in like a grown up.  

Anyway, in a very particular order (descending to be precise), here are my top 5 for this week:

5. Bromance (Underbelly's circus hub,18:25)
4. Every Brilliant Thing (Roundabout@Summerhall, 14:05)
3. The Girl Who Fell in Love With The Moon (Pleasance Dome, 14:30)
2. Gobsmacked! (Udderbelly St George's Square, 16:30)

And, finally **drumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumroll** yep, the tension sure is building here **drumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumroll** 

My number one spot goes to.......

1. CELL (underbelly Cowgate, 16:35)

What the fringe? I haven't even mentioned that before.

That's coz I saw it today, smart ass. No, it's not just number one because it's fresh in my memory. 
It genuinely was one of the most beautiful, moving pieces of theatre I've seen in a while. It's such a sweet story with clever puppeteering, physical theatre and general artistry. It's a story about a man learning he has, and coping with the effects of, motor neurone disease... not one to go for the laughs (though there are amusing moments) but if you want a great piece of theatre (which is why I'm here) you'll be hard pushed to do better than this. Loved it. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I'm gonna just leave this link to their website here just incase you want to check it out.... Go on. I don't even mind if you navigate away from my page.... Come back though, yeah?

*screen goes black, goodnight* 

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