Saturday, 15 August 2015

Edfest Day 11: Breaking Free

Sometimes,  you just gotta take a break. There's no blog for Edfest day 10 because yesterday I seriously needed to take some time out...

As I said, I'd seen a spate of disappointing shows and was having a terrible morning. I woke up late and didn't feel too well, the milk for that essential morning coffee had turned sour, which I realised after I'd already put it in my cereal. Then I smashed the glass coffee cup all over the floor (to clarify - by accident, not in temper) ... It just all seemed to be going wrong.

My friend, Beth, had arrived in Glasgow the day before (give a whoop if you're out there) so I decided to give theatre and fringe madness a brief break for the sake of my sanity. Instead I had a lovely, much needed "merry" evening out and about in Glasgow.

Today I returned to the fringe, Beth in tow, with the mission of seeing some of the "freestival" (the free festival) Sometimes you do actually get what you pay for though. After seeing some cringe inducing stand up "comedy", I vetoed questionable stand up acts for the day - my face muscles couldn't take any more fake smiling (I know I don't have to fake smile, but I feel bad for them... and I don't want to be picked on for looking bored - which I saw happen at another free show 2 days ago) .
So we sat in Grassmarket and watched some street performers for a bit - technically still the freestival,  so it counts for the mission.

This evening went to the voodoo rooms, which is a great choice for "free" fringe entertainment....

....I've put "free" in speech marks because don't go along with the impression  that you won't be paying anything.  It's more a "pay what you want" scheme, and you will be severely judged if you don't offer up some cash... so if you don't want to give that crisp £20 note to the cause,  make damn sure you have change, because you're also gonna look like a douche asking for change from the donation bucket!!!

Also don't pay between you and a friend, as we learned earlier, cause it's awkward having to explain that at the door... Especially when they thank you for being so generous, and your friend has to explain it's from her too. Sorry Beth... I'm still laughing about it though. 
Tomorrow is the start of a new fringe adventure. I start work with Forest Fringe which will take me up to the end of the festival. They are an exciting venue offering an inventive,  creative programme - please check out their website and if you're coming up for the fringe, make sure you wander off the beaten track to catch some of these unique offerings.  

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