Monday, 4 May 2015

Start Spreading the News.....

Lady Liberty in her best musical theatre pose :p
What's that I smell in the air? The American Dream. Or the New York Dream, to be more specific. FrankNFurter tells us "don't dream it, be it" and I'm finally taking that advice. So start spreading the news, I'm leaving at the end of May.

Why now? Why not? I've spent a long time putting it off, waiting to have more money, waiting for someone else to come with me, waiting for the moment for when it just feels "perfect". No more waiting. One of the biggest lies ever told is "good things come to those who wait" but NO, good things come to those who pick themselves up and make things happen. You can spend your entire life waiting for perfect circumstances that are just never going to happen, because, you know what, that's not life; It's very musical theatre.... but it's not life.

With this is mind, I booked to go to one place in the world I've been dreaming of. 

After a little research, I decided spring was a great time to go. The weather is no longer the bitter cold that goes with winter in New York, nor is it the suffocating stickiness that I'm led to believe summer can bring. Though I'm sure christmas in New York would be beautiful... that can be the new dream.

I've got 6 days to fill and it's a little overwhelming at the moment. There is just so much I want to see and do. Of course, a major pull for me is the theatre. I've got 3 shows booked so far :- Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Something Rotten and Les Miserables.

I'd like to see more but after working on a rough itinerary there is just so much to pack in - perhaps it would be better to wait and see how it's going while I'm there?

Like London, New York has a TKTS booth, but it seems the queues are horrendous and you can't book for an evening show before 3pm. This could be a bit of a blip in the middle of the day and I want to avoid queuing where-ever possible. Every moment is going to be precious.

If anyone has any must-do or must-see suggestions, please comment or tweet me.