Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Edfest day 7 - All the People: The Never ending Story

On the bus this morning, I stared out the window at the sheer volume of people - all the people, so many people. Yes, I'm singing it... in my head,  not out loud because I'm on the bus again and that would be annoying for the other passengers. They wouldn't complain of course,  I have a lovely singing voice....

Yeah. Anyway,  back to topic. So I was looking at the many, many people and just thinking about how they are all stars in their own little plays. We're all here watching other people's stories, but there are so many stories going on around us all the time....

Which made me think of my comment the other evening about how there was theatre to be found just wandering around Edinburgh, amongst these people,  catching snippets of conversation. So this evening I've noted two instances which I illustrate this point:

Emma: I just want to be happy
Emmas friend: Emma you are happy, happiness doesn't mean everything is alright,  it just means ---

(I didn't hear the end of that exchange as I'd already rushed in and out of their world. I'm sure the ending was profound though.)

The second was an exchange between an older gentleman, 2 concerned young girls who had been passing by and the police.
It would seem the older gentleman had his bag stolen by a man who claimed the older gentleman had stolen it from him....
(Interesting tactic - but there's also an interesting story there)

I have also seen actual theatre today too.  In fact, I've had a busy day of 4 shows which, given my lazy late start,  I'm impressed with. It's actually the most I've seen in a day so far.

I was only reviewing one officially, so a shout out for two others I've seen today.

The first will do fine on its own, it's in the underbelly cow in George Square gardens. A A capella group called Gobsmacked... and I really was.  They're all great but the beat boxer was phenomenal... The effects her could do just with his vocal chords.... no words.

The second may need a little more help. He's a stand up comedian in assembly George st studio 4 called Chris Kent who made me laugh out loud lots. And not just polite laughter,  this was genuine involuntary laughter. I'm nervous about seeing stand up in small venues generally, in case it's not funny, which can be painfully awkward. I needn't have worried with this one, as I laughed from start to finish and he deserves more of an audience. 

On the cards for tomorrow is a nice, looooonng lie in with no alarm **cries with relief** then later in the day I'll be meeting up with another journo I met here to see a shit scary show. Will we make it to the end?... Find out in the next episode.

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