Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Edfest Day 6: Where is the Wifi?

Where is all the Wifi?  I mean, seriously, in this day and age surely free Wifi should be an essential? I can't believe the amount of larger venues that are just ignoring this need. Fair play to Pleasance, the dome has been my home (ha, rhyming) for my reviewing needs. Smaller venues like summerhall and zoo are trying hard to provide Wifi... They may not be able to meet demand, but they are trying, dammit.  The will is there.
So what's your excuse underbelly,  gilded balloon, assembly?  Surely you have the means to provide good quality Wifi for the good paying customers, the artists, technicians and, of course, critics. Get it together.
Oh well, I can always wait for a bus to pass and snatch seconds of Wifi on the move.

I've been trying to catch a bit of circus over the last few days at underbelly's new circus hub.

I saw bromance in the Beauty tent yesterday. Those boys are FIT... I mean in the athletic sense of course *ahem*. Their production manages to be funny as well as a spectacle with little more than a giant hula hoop to assist them.
On the other hand, Dolls at the Lafeyette tent uses a large set. I'm still not 100% sure on the story of this one, but it seems to me some sort of apocalyptic landscape. The set is beautiful and atmospheric but the show itself wouldn't be enough without that as a crutch.
This is why bromance is the winner in the circus battle for me.

Today has been completely free for me on the show front. Two to review and a chance encounter in a queue at the first show with a guy who had spare free tickets to a show I wanted to see that day = major score.

I did want to fit a few more shows in today, but as a 2for1 day lots was sold out and this eve I decide to come back early(ish) because I'm not feeling too great. 

Oh, and I was also excited to see a quote from one of my reviews last year being used on a poster. I was worried back then that it had been a stupid comparison that no one would get,  but it turns out the performer herself was happy enough with it to put it on a poster.  Let that be a lesson,  self doubt (self doubt never learns lessons,  nasty bastard)

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