Monday, 10 August 2015

Edfest Day 5 - Annoying Laughs and Folded Limbs

I've been thinking a lot about types of audience member today. I was sitting next to a girl at a show earlier who had the loudest irritating laugh. It's great to laugh loud though, right? it shows you're appreciating the comedy, right? .. or does it? This girls laugh just sounded so disingenuous, kind of like when Jimmy Carr laughs - sometimes its so obviously forced that I think its more insulting. What's so wrong with a quiet chortle of genuine amusement? do we have to over exaggerate it? .... Perhaps she was genuinely laughing and simply has an irritating laugh. 

Then there's the opposite problem - the folded arms and legs. Body language experts will insist this is a sign of resistance, of disapproval, an absolute lack of interest...... but is it? sometimes is it just not a comfortable way of sitting? There have been many instances where I'm really into something, but maybe I'm cold, so I have my arms crossed infront of me.... I'm cold a lot. Then suddenly, I become aware of my folded limbs and start worrying that this is coming across as being 'Unimpressed' or 'bored'. Damn you, body language experts, sometimes I'm just cold... or comfy. 

I've also been thinking about audiences as a community. For the duration of a performance, the people in that room are all sharing this unique experience. No matter how many times that show may be performed, the particular incarnation of it that you're witnessing right now, with this combination of people, is something that only those present will share, in for that time, we are part of a community.

Those are some thoughts I wrote as I was walking around today. There'll be no show reviews tonight as it's late and I've been working on reviews for The Public Reviews, so I'll link them when they're live. 

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