Friday, 7 August 2015

Edfest Day 3 - Solipsist Burrito

It was barely even noon when I realised that Edinburgh IS Urinetown. It's the first day of the Fringe Proper  - i.e. not previews, even though many shows are still in preview (confusing) - and the world and its son have descended upon the city. I am dreading the public toilet situation in as little as a couple of days from now - hell, maybe even tomorrow. 

Saw another show by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland again today - this time a much more intimate, low-key production. The show is called "Under the Ground" and it's about moments with strangers on the Glasgow Underground. These "side dish" shows use the same performers from the "main course", meaning they are memorising 2 shows for the duration of the fringe. A show like this is, in many ways, even more of a testament to the talent of these young performers; they are un-mic'd, relying on pure vocal power and technique and without large set and props to hide behind.

Before this, I saw a show at the Pleasance Dome that maybe wasn't the best choice for someone prone to anxiety ... but the concept was so interesting, I couldn't help but be drawn in. Depriving the audience of our sense of sight, we experienced the show through sound fed to us through headphones and, occasionally, tremors rising from the steel deck beneath us. [As a side-note, I remember using this technique for a show in uni - bass speakers turned up to the max underneath hollow flooring, creates an excellent vibration effect for immersion.] It creates a sense of being together in a dream-like state and using "collective imagination". The show is called "Fiction" and this one I'm reviewing for The Public Reviews, so check there for my full write up (I'll link it when it's live).

Lastly, I saw another show at the Pleasance Dome; This time a one-woman show called 'Yve Blake: Lie Collector" and I think I have a new girl-crush. Her show explores the nature of lying and how social media and our need for attention feeds this lie machine, all done with comic flair and some hilarious costume changes - my favourite was when she jumped manically around the stage dressed as a rainbow. 

At the end of the day, we're all a "solipsist burrito" (i.e wrapped up in our own egos) and on that note, I should wrap this tortilla up.... Till tomorrow, of course. 

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