Thursday, 6 August 2015

Edfest Day 2 - U r in Town and Blagging it

You can guarantee two things will happen when you see the show Urinetown - (1) you're going to want to go pee in the interval (2) you'll feel really thirsty by the end. The power of suggestion right there.

I had to make an effort to see the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's main offering for 2 reasons (1) I missed the pro production of Urinetown when it was in London and wanted to see what all the fuss is about and (2) the RCS were fantastic last year.

What is this? Noah's ark? Not all reasoning needs to come two by two.

As usual they offer up unparralled energy - I don't just mean on the fringe, there are London companies that could do with going along to an RCS masterclass in "giving it your all". Turn your eye to any cast member, lead or ensemble and they are performing as though their lives depend on it. Every facial expression and body movement seems to have been considered thoroughly. 

Currently planning to see another musical offering by the RCS tomorrow - Under the Ground.

I managed to blag my way into a show this evening without actually intending to, that is the power of my persuasion.... No, not really, that's the power of having a confused and uninformed staff. 

Preach it - Just because you're "JUST the bar staff" or "JUST the I.T. Guy" doesn't mean you JUST know about that one thing. If you're representing a company on the front line, you should expect queries. 

How many times can I say JUST in one blog? Is there some significance in it? Answers on the back of a postcard for big prizes*

*disclaimer - there are no prizes.  

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