Sunday, 16 August 2015

Edfest Day 12: Out of the Blue and Into the Forest

Today was the start of a new fringe adventure - I started volunteer work with a venue called "Forest Fringe" whose main base is at Out of the Blue and Drill Hall. It's an "artist led" venue, which simply means the artists themselves run the venue and all companies using the space will pitch in in some way or other with the general running. It's also free entry, operating under the "pay what you want" philosophy I discussed in yesterday's blog. It's arguably part of the free fringe, although not associated with pbh or laughing horse. 

I get great vibes from this venue and the people there, so looking forward to getting stuck in. I helped out a little with prepartation for opening tomorrow, which mostly involved painting unreceptive benches and stools with a stubborn glossy paint. 

The Blue DrilÅ‚ Hall is quite a walk away from the main throngs of the fringe, so not a place people are just going to stumble into, but hopefully the programme will be enticing enough for people to drift down leith walk. If nothing else, it's a nice, quiet escape for a while. 

Talking of nice, quiet escapes, I did drift into the international book festival (which started today) for a quick wander, but didnt look around much as I was pretty messy with paint. I'd have quite liked to hear Matt Haig's talk but, having happened earlier in the day, it wasnt to be.

Today was all about volunteering and getting to know the company I'll be working with. So instead of up to the minute show reports from the fringe, I'm cheating and posting links to my reviews, as featured on The Public Reviews:

Fiction - Pleasance Dome - 12pm
Every Brilliant Thing - Summerhall - 2.05pm 
Going Viral - Summerhall - 2.10pm 
Ushers: The Front of House Musical - Momentum@St Stephens - 9.30pm
Lisa Gornick's Live Drawing Show - Gilded Balloon - 1.30pm
Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl - Gilded Balloon - 6.30pm
No Strings - TheSpace at Surgeons Hall - 8.20pm
501 Things I Do in my Bedroom - Just the Tonic at the Caves - 1pm 

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