Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Edfest Day 13: Divorce Cocktails

Forest Fringe - where even ordering a drink is a performance... no really.  I'm currently drinking a cocktail that represents divorce, served by a lady wearing a pineapple on her head. At the fringe this is normality.

Well, kind of. It's not an everyday at-the-bar occurance. It's their opening night party at the delicioisly delightfully titled "biscuit factory" ... because it used to be a biscuit factory,  I imagine. 

I've mostly been focusing on the volunteering again today, so only seen one show, which was at their venue. Tomorrow I plan to get back into it and will see a few shows after my shift.

I also have wednesday off so plan to make that a hefty show watching day, and hopefully have a broad enough range to pick from for my "what's hot" roundup... Right now it's looking more like "what's tepid to lukewarm".

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