Sunday, 10 April 2016

Show and Tell - Linking it Up

Round up, round up to what I'm hoping will be a weekly event - a show and tell of interesting links, videos or whatever other theatrical tidbits have caught my attention this week...

1. Kit Harrington and cast in rehearsal

The website Official London Theatre posted these pictures from the Doctor Faustus rehearsal room, on Wednesday - exactly 2 weeks before I head to London to see it. Needless to say, it has increased the excitement...

2.  Jesse Eisenberg's play 'The Spoils' coming to the West End

Also on Wednesday, it was announced this show would be arriving with us soon, starring both Eisenberg himself and Kunal Nayyar (Raj from the Big Bang Theory) but, given that it's quite a limited run, I'm not sure whether I'll actually get to see it. 

For those who can, though. Here's the ticket link...

3. Gavin Creel and Aaron Tveit 'Take Me For What I Am'

Musical Theatre fans both sides of the Atlantic went crazy for this video of two of theatre's hottest leading men performing the traditionally female roles of Maureen and Joanne's duet from 'Rent' at MCC Theater's Miscast gala

But what exactly is 'Miscast'? 
It's a show where performers get to sing songs from roles they would never normally be considered for. 
Check out their website for videos, photos and more info. 

4. Sierra's Motivational Talks

Sierra is not only a great singer, but full of inspirational, motivational wisdom too. She posted a video to her Facebook fanpage about 'elimating fear'. It's aimed mostly at encouraging performers to let go of their fear, but you can find relevance to any walk of life in the message.

5. Only the Brave - A new and original musical

Technically, I saw the show last week but it's stayed in my mind - surely a sign of a show which should not be allowed to disappear into obscurity? 

Take a listen to the Act One finale

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