Saturday, 19 March 2016

Breaking Down the Wall

I haven't been here in a while. It seems cold and deserted, especially after the mad daily rush of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival... 6 months ago now?! how that flew eh?

I've been focussing on my new blog, Jabber Jac - a place for features and writing work. That doesn't mean I've been neglecting theatre as much as it would seem from this blog. I contacted my local newspaper and I've been reviewing locally for them. I also signed up to be a south-west 
regional reviewer for the Reviews Hub (formerly Public Reviews). They were the website I reviewed for during the fringe festival and it seemed silly not to continue in home territory.

Here are links to the some of the reviews, if you feel so inclined to look...

The Imaginary Menagerie - Les Infants Terribles
Richard III - Fluellen Theatre Company

Fame - The Sir Harry Secombe Theatre Trust

Photo courtesy of Clare Owen, Acting On It 
I also performed in a play for the first time since I froze on-stage as a teenager during my GCSE exam (the bitchy girls were in the front row and, as last to go on, I knew they were there, mocking everyone..... It also may have been somewhat my fault given that I hadn't learned my lines properly oops). 

I've travelled a long way since those days, much like my character in our production of David Campton's "Us and Them" - a play about the origins of war, the suspicion and mistrust of those 'behind the wall' that end with us turning on one another... to be safe, y'know.
This is a play with staccato, disjointed sentences and, having forgotten my words all those years ago, I dreaded the same happening... but, thankfully, it didn't. Confidence regained. I may venture back into the acting world in the not too distant future.

Despite my foray into the thespian side of theatrics, I haven't forgotten about tech. I rejoined Swansea Little Theatre's tech team and got acquainted with their new lighting desk... don't ask me what make it is though, we only just met, I didn't get to know it. In fact, I was merely the 'go' monkey..... but my ear-brain-hand co-ordination is up there with the best button pushers out there. 

So, that's the news. I do intend to start updating this more often now JabberJac is up and running and I've got into some sort of groove with that. There may even be a review this week... 

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