Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Day 0 – I Will Not Go To Costa

 Since I'm here for the month, I've decided to bore you all with (maybe daily) blogs reporting from the Fringe Festival. There will be reviews too, some of which will first appear on www.thepublicreviews.com, so be sure to check that out.

Today is day 0 as the festival doesn't start till tomorrow, but the streets are pretty busy already and the street performers are out in force. Currently sat in the Pleasance Dome after coming to pick up press tickets. Not sure I'm meant to be here – things are still being put together all around me - but it's a useful place for charging your phone (helpful hint) and they have free wifi so I'll stay here until I'm forcibly removed.

Also signed up to Edinburgh libraries… a good idea if you're here reviewing – with free wifi and public access pc’s, you'd be a fool not to **cheesy smile and thumbs up**  (once a library assistant, always a library assistant). 

Working on a mantra that says “I will not go to costa, I will not go to costa”. Costa has a strange magnetic force that drags me in. I've been twice today already and with no income, I can't justify spending that much on a coffee, no matter how delicious it is. I WILL NOT GO TO COSTA. 

Hoping to meet some old friends working on shows up here today too, which’ll be nice but strange – it'll have been a good few years since I last saw them. 

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