Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Edfest Day 19 & 20 - Shifting Sands of Time

The Fringe official twitter says it's day 17. I understand why I'm ahead 2 days because I counted the previews but where has the extra day come from?

I'm combining these days because, other than volunteering, I'm not doing much else. I'm finding it harder and harder to get up early enough to see shows before my shifts. My body clock has shifted so I wake up at 10am and go to sleep around 2am. That'll have to change tomorrow as I've got the subjectively early shift of 10.30am at their filmhouse venue. The good thing about this is it's a short shift, I should be done by 12.30/1pm so should be able to pack in a good bunch of shows.

I had time for a brief visit to the International Book Festival yesterday and the West End Craft Fair today.

The book festival was a lot busier than I'd been led to believe.  I was told it was a haven of calm amongst the chaos.  This it wasn't.  The book festival has a lovely outdoor seating area and people were making the most of it on this rare warm, sunny day. I didn't manage to see any talks - the one I would've wanted to see was Moira Young, Young adult author of a book I read earlier this year called "Blood Red Road" - but this didn't finish until 15 minutes before my shift started and the Drill Hall is about a half hour walk from there. Never mind.

There were lots of lovely international books on sale with enticing covers, but at full retail price, it was too expensive for me. I did, however, find a lovely cheap book store much further down at the foot of Leith walk in St James Shopping centre with prices to rival The Works but with better stock.
The craft fair is near to the book festival, so those who have the leisure of time can do both in one go. There are about 50 stalls, all with original, handmade products, so worth checking out if you want a unique gift or memento. 
Walking down Princes Street, I'm always a little appalled to see people happy to take photos of the street performers - some of whom even pose for said pictures - but won't then put money in the hat.
If you're stopping to admire their art enough to take a picture, pay for the product.  It doesn't even have to be much,  just a small token of gratitude. Can you tell I've been reading Amanda Palmer's "The Art of Asking"?
Once again I'm occupying the same space as Lyn Gardner. Or she occupying the same space as me? Obviously a testament to our shared great taste. She's a big supporter of Forest Fringe generally and has reviewed many of their shows favourably. I smiled and said "Hi" earlier ...and she looked vaguely alarmed. To be fair, as front of house it's part of the role to meet and greet. Maybe I should stick with the scowling.

Yesterday, I attempted to start some kind of schedule of shows I want to see by time zone, so I don't end up wandering around looking at the app and just going to whatever is near. Don't get me wrong, that does make for a more spicy fringe experience, but I realised earlier that from tomorrow there is just a week left to pack it all in, so I'm looking for quality stuff that really appeals to me now.  

I think I should stop here and go to bed at this (subjectively) early hour so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the filmhouse tomorrow and then, hopefully, a day of (quality) show watching.

Till then, G'Night 😴

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